Sunrises and sunsets are the universe’s present to the Earth’s flawed populace. They are at once humbling and life affirming, blessed in their simplicity and impossible in their majesty. And as travellers, we’re lucky enough to witness these wonderful events in varying incarnations. Does a sunrise in Cambodia match a sunset in Peru? What about a sunrise on a New York City street compared to a sunset at India’s Taj Mahal? The world is awash with different backdrops for these golden occasions. Prepare ahead of time. Scout out your favorite spot since the sun rises and sets at a different angle depending on the time of year. Gather and check your equipment before you head out to shoot. Be sure to have your manual nearby. Equipment that will enhance your experience includes a tripod & cable/wireless release for slower shutter speeds and lens wipes or a lens pen to keep your lens spotless, saving you time in the post process! A great website, http://sunrisesunset.com gives you sunrise, sunset, twilight and moon information. This time of the year it’s a bit easier for this night owl to get up and witness the sunrise. The silent hour when nature is waking up brings incredible colors over the bay and beautiful reflections in the clouds over the ocean. Peace reigns. I’m a huge fan of beautiful sunset and sunrise pictures. There’s something about the world being bathed in that red and yellow light that makes everything look extra magical. Even more interesting to me are sunset and sunrise shots taken from the air itself. To have a photo capture what that setting sun looks like from up in the clouds provides an entirely different perspective on both the event and the world as a whole.