Unlike most people I know, I like rainy days. I’m not referring to days-on-end torrents that flood the yard, back up the swimming pool and overflow drainage ditches, but typical showers that occur either seasonally or at unexpected times. Yes, I find ways to be productive and feel good about myself and my life even during inclement weather. Here are 10 reasons why I like rainy days, even when it literally rains all day (and night long). No time for yourself to pause and reflect on life’s bounties? Use rain as a welcome sign to do just that. Think about all the good in your life and be grateful for all that you have. This practice has proven especially helpful to me in overcoming periodic bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. So, I know it works. Whether you use the time to meditate, do yoga or simply sit quietly and allow your thoughts to wash over you, this is a productive mental health behavior you can not only cultivate, but thrive doing – even when it’s not raining.